Designed with People of Color in Mind!

Plantmade: Super Multivitamins are supercharged with 32 active ingredients that are typically deficient in people of color.

✓ Boosts Immune System

✓ Lowers Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes, & High Blood Pressure

✓ Increases Energy Levels

✓ Reduces Stress/Anxiety

✓ Improves Skin & Hair

✓ Improves Cognitive Function


Available for $1.10/serving

Our Mission🌿

We are on a mission to redefine the relationship between people of color and the world of health & wellness. 

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What People are Saying...


I love what you guys are doing. I am super excited to see how you guys revolutionize the industry."



I train 4-5x a week. I love drinking the vanilla flavor before and after my workouts. It has helped me build a lot of muscle

Chris J


Plantmade is needed. It's about time we have black representation in health and wellness!"

Michelle Paxen


We need a voice like this to educate people on everyday health!

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